ACTUALITEThe speech of the General Mohamed Hamdan for Sudanese...

The speech of the General Mohamed Hamdan for Sudanese People



In the name of of Allah the Merciful


First of all, I pray to Allah, the Almighty to shower His Mercy over every soul that was killed unjustly in the Blue Nile, Darfur, eastern Sudan, Khartoum and every part of this dear country. I address you today while our country is going through crises that are the most dangerous in its modern national history. Crises that threaten its unity, safety, security and social fabric. This ugly situation imposes upon all of us to revise ourselves in an honest and sincere manner to shoulder our    national and moral responsibilities. The spread of tribal conflicts throughout the country, bloodshed without taking into account the sanctity of the soul that God has forbidden, and the rising voices of hatred and racism, will inevitably lead our country to collapse, which we will not be part of and we will not remain silent or silent at all about everything that threatens the corporate existence of this country and its people. I am watching and fully aware of the internal and external conspiracies/plans against the country, and I call from this forum/platform on all honorable patriots from different political parties, revolutionary and communal forces, to unite and pay attention to the dangers facing the country, and to reach as a matter of urgency at an effective political solutions to the current crises of the homeland. It is high time now to listen to the voice of reason/wisdom, and reject all forms of the futile struggle in which no one will win except the enemies of this country and those who are wishing and awaiting  for all the evils to befall the country.


Dear Sudanese People…

Perhaps you have followed the decisions issued by the President of the Sovereign Council and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on the fourth of this July. These decisions that we worked to formulate together and through continuous consultation, in the spirit of one team, and with a sincere intention to proffer solutions to the national crisis, no matter what concessions it costs us. We will not cling to an authority that leads to shedding the blood of our people and destabilizing of our country. Therefore, we have decided together to allow the forces of the revolution and the national political forces to negotiate and agree without our intervention in the military institution. We have sincerely decided to leave the issue of governance to the civilians, so that, the regular forces should devote themselves to performing their noble national tasks as stipulated in the Constitution and defined by the Law. Therefore, from this standpoint, I call on all the revolutionary forces and the national political forces to expedite proffering of urgent solutions that can lead to the formation of the Institutions of Transitional Governance.

Dear Sudanese people..

I will do my best to overcome any difficulties/challenges they may face in order to reach what will bring our country back to safety.

Dear Sudanese people…

I have spent the past weeks in Darfur, and will return there again, to continue what I started there to implement and complete the peace agreement. I was shocked by the extent of the destruction left by the years of war and marginalization there, the extent of conflicts and disputes between the components of the region, the spread of poverty, shortage in services as well as the absence of the State/ Rule of Law. I have made great efforts that started yielding positive and promising results. I will continue in collaboration with my other colleagues/comrades the work we have embarked upon until every inch of our country enjoys security and stability, and until we end the rhetoric of racism and hatred once and for all.  I call on all the sons and daughters of the people of Sudan, to spread the culture of tolerance and acceptance of each other, raise the level of awareness among the people to understand and accept diversity in our country and the dare need to end all forms of discrimination.  All human beings are equal, and there is no difference between one section or another, or one tribe or another, or one race and another. We are all human beings. God created us from clay and we will return to Him to reward us for our work, so He will reward those who do good and punish those who have wronged according their sins.


In conclusion, I reiterate and from the position of my national and moral responsibility, my full commitment to work to protect the goals of the glorious December revolution, and to protect the transitional period so that it leads to a real democratic transformation through free and fair elections. I will also reiterate my commitment to work with the military and security institutions, And all the loyal patriots who are keen to abide by our constitutional duties and work together for the reformation of the military and security systems, to  implement the Juba Agreement for the Peace in Sudan, including the provisions of security arrangements to reach a single professional army that reflects the plurality and diversity of Sudan, preserves the country’s security and sovereignty and repels all forms of aggression against it. We also renew the call to the brothers who are still bearing arms to join the peace.


Long live Sudan free and independent, and may God protect our country and its people from all evils.

Lahcen Hammouch
Lahcen Hammouch
Lahcen Hammouch est journaliste. Directeur d'Almouwatin TV et Radio. Sociologue à l'ULB. Président du Forum de la société civile africaine pour la démocratie.

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